The Providence Promise: Loan Repayment Assistance Plan

Providence Christian College is pleased to work with the LRAP Foundation to provide students with this guarantee of the value of a Providence education.

We don’t want concerns about student loans to stop you from attending Providence.

As a Christian college graduate, there will be a lifetime of benefits associated with your education that will provide an excellent return on investment.

We believe you’ll graduate and earn at least $40,000 per year, and if not, we’ll help you repay your student loans until you do.

The Promise is a safety net that safeguards your financial
and educational investment in your future.

We want you to be free to pursue your career of choice and fulfill God’s calling on your life after graduation without student loans standing in your way.

The Providence Promise covers Federal, Private and Parent PLUS loans.

How It Works

The Providence Promise is automatically included in your tuition at Providence so you pay nothing extra.

To claim this benefit, you must graduate from Providence with a bachelor’s degree. So focus on that first!

Providence graduates in cap and gown

Once you graduate, you must be employed 30+ hours per week at minimum wage or greater.

Begin making your loan payments, and if your annual income is below $40,000, you will receive quarterly reimbursements for those payments (reimbursement varies depending on income) for the life of the loan or until your annual income exceeds $40,000.

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