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Visual and Performing Arts Concentration

The Visual and Performing Arts concentration explores the world of visual art, film, music, and theater in an interdisciplinary program that combines practice and performance with theory and history. Students pursuing this concentration will have considerable flexibility in how they arrange their coursework, allowing either specific focus on a particular form of artistic expression or a broad foundation across several arts.

Benefits of Visual and Performing Arts Concentration

This concentration provides students with valuable skills translatable to any career or calling. The performing arts strengthen a student’s ability to speak publically and present. It also provides students with the creative toolbox to ask good questions and thoughtfully engage the world of art.

Visual and Performing Arts Concentration Course Requirements

Coursework should be chosen from at least two of the following four areas: Art, Music, Film, and Theater

At least 6 of 21 total credits of the concentration must be upper division.

Applied Performance/Studio/Practicum

At least three of six credits from any of the following:

  • MUS 101-118 Private voice or instrumental lessons
  • MUS 131-138 Chorale or other music ensemble
  • ART 111-113 or other Studio Art
  • COM 260 Film and Video Production
  • COM 310 Acting
  • COM 370 Directing
  • COM 350 Production Practicum in Film and/or Theater

Theory and History

At least six of nine credits from any of the following:

  • COM 201 Visual Storytelling
  • COM 211 Introduction to Theater
  • COM 234 Film Studies
  • HUM 311 Aesthetics
  • MUS 211 Music Appreciation (cannot be combined with either MUS 340 or 341)
  • MUS 230 Music Theory I
  • MUS 231 Music Theory II
  • MUS 340 Music History I
  • MUS 341 Music History II


Any six credits drawn from any course above, field experience, special topics, or related courses with approval of your academic advisor.

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