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Humanities Concentration

The Humanities concentration offers an interdisciplinary study of intellectual history, philosophy, literature, and the arts, enabling students to pursue a broad study of the history of human creativity and expression.

This interdisciplinary concentration allows students to explore diverse perspectives in thematically related courses from literature, intellectual and cultural history, comparative religion, communication, and the arts. The focus is on the ways human beings from different cultures have understood their worlds and expressed these conceptions in artistic expression and philosophical expression. Students will discuss literary and artistic works from a variety of perspectives and approaches, as well as theories of interpretation and practical communication.

Building on humanities courses in the core liberal arts curriculum, students must complete an additional 21 credit hours from the following courses (drawn from at least three different disciplines, with a minimum of two upper-division courses).

Humanities Concentration Course Requirements

  • HUM 201 Critical Theory
  • Or HUM 311 Aesthetics

Humanities Concentration Course Electives

Choose from three different disciplines (at least 6 of 18 total credits must be 300 level or higher)

  • ART 111-113 Drawing
  • ART 211 Art Appreciation
  • BTS 245 World Religions
  • COM 201 Visual Storytelling
  • COM 211 Introduction to Theater
  • COM 234 Film Studies
  • ENG 200-400 Any 200-400 level English literature course, not composition
  • HIS 200-400 Any 200-400 level History course, with approval
  • HIS 265 Early Modern Europe
  • HUM 201 Critical Theory (may not satisfy both required course and electives)
  • HUM 311 Aesthetics (may not satisfy both required course and electives)
  • MUS 211 Music Appreciation
  • MUS 340 Music History I
  • MUS 341 Music History II

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