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Fine Arts Concentration

The Fine Arts program of Providence Christian College exists to enable students to create original works of art and to appreciate and critically examine the history and philosophy of art from a Reformed Christian perspective.

Benefits of Fine Arts Concentration

Students, in this concentration, will have the opportunity to learn of the theoretical and historical underpinnings of fine arts in our culture. This concentration will also enable students to be able to develop their own artistic skills with concurrent hands-on training.

Fine Arts Course Requirements

  • FNA 111      Drawing I
  • FNA 221     Plein Air Painting I
  • FNA 115      Studio Art (I-III)

Fine Arts Concentration Electives

Choose three courses from the following options, at least two of which must be upper division:

  • Com 201    Visual Storytelling and Communication
  • Hum 311    Aesthetics
  • FNA 341    Art History: Before and After Courbet
  • FNA 330   Art Theory: Philosophy of Fine Art
  • FNA 211    Art Appreciation

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“Liberal arts is a conversation through which we obtain wisdom. True wisdom, then, founded in the fear and love of the Lord, engenders a desire for a deeper knowledge and love of one another, teaches us and aids us in forgiving and reconciling with one another and encourages us to explore together the limitless implications of our redeemed existence on this earth.”
Danielle D.
Class of 2015
“Christians are called to God's service not only in church professions but also in every secular calling.”
J. Gresham Machen

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