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Biblical and Theological Studies Concentration

The Bible is God’s written word, His special revelation about Himself, His world, and how we are to live. A biblical perspective thus profoundly shapes everything else we study at Providence, and this means that students must know the Bible and what it teaches. The four semesters of Old and New Testament Studies in the Core enable students to study the entire Bible, its historical background, theological teaching, and relevance for living in today’s world.

With a Biblical and Theological Studies Concentration, students are able to build on this foundation and pursue in-depth biblical study, as well as systematic and historical theological study, drawing in particular on the riches of the Reformed heritage. Students also study hermeneutics, the principles and history of biblical interpretation. This concentration equips students to rightly handle the word of truth, to meet contemporary challenges, and to understand the difference theology makes for our service in the church and the world. Most of all, we seek by this study to know God better, and thus to be better ambassadors for Christ in a broken world.

Students may also supplement a BTS Concentration with a Biblical Languages Concentration. This enables students to read and study the Scriptures in the original Hebrew and Greek languages.

Biblical and Theological Studies Benefits

A concentration in Biblical and Theological Studies equips students to effectively and faithfully serve the Lord in many different callings in the church and society. The ability to think carefully with biblical principles is crucial for entrepreneurial careers in the business world. The concentration is also valuable for teaching in Christian schools, missions, counseling, social work, international relief and refugee work. For those contemplating seminary training, broad exposure to the liberal arts (in the major), along with Biblical and Theological Studies and Biblical Languages concentrations, is an ideal path to prepare for such graduate study.

Biblical and Theological Studies Concentration Course Requirements

BTS Required Course

  • BTS 205: Hermeneutics

BTS Concentration Electives

Students must take at least one course from each of the following three areas:

Biblical Studies

  • BTS 321A Genesis
  • BTS 323 Psalms
  • BTS 327 Isaiah
  • BTS 326 Apocalyptic Literature
  • BTS 332 Johannine Literature
  • BTS 333 Pauline Literature
  • BTS 334 Later NT Letters
  • BTS 4XX Special Topics in Biblical Studies

Theological Studies

  • BTS 360 Doctrine of God
  • BTS 362 Christology
  • BTS 363 Pneumatology
  • BTS 364 Soteriology
  • BTS 370 Ecclesiology
  • BTS 4XX Special Topics in Theological Studies

Historical & Philosophical Studies

  • BTS/HIS 215 History of Christianity I
  • BTS/HIS 216 History of Christianity II
  • BTS 340 Christian Ethics
  • BTS 342 Apologetics
  • BTS 245 Survey of World Religions
  • BTS/SOC 325 Sociology of Religion
  • BTS 348 World Missions
  • BTS/HIS 355 Religion in America
  • BTS/HIS 386 John Calvin
  • BTS 395 Women in Church and Society
  • BTS 4XX Special Topics in Historical/Philosophical Studies

Two additional BTS courses from any of these areas

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“I am extremely thankful for Providence’s mission…it has taught me that no matter what I am studying or thinking on, I am to ask this question, ‘How does it relate to Christ?’”
Johnathan K.
Class of 2015
“True education must begin and end with the God of the Bible.”
Dr. Derek Carlson

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