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Biblical Languages Concentration

This concentration provides a course of study in biblical Hebrew (the language of the Old Testament) and biblical Greek (the language of the New Testament). Students learn to read and exegete the Bible in these original languages.

Benefits of Biblical Languages Concentration

Learning these languages greatly enriches one’s study of the Bible. Familiar texts come alive in new ways, and the student gains a deeper understanding of key concepts and themes. This study will thus enhance all other study in the Biblical and Theological Studies department, as well as application of the biblical perspective in each other discipline, and the student’s personal Christian life and calling. For those who are pursuing Christian ministry or teaching, or further biblical study, learning the biblical languages is a prerequisite for responsible interpretation.

Biblical Languages Concentration Course Requirements

Students may fulfill the 21 credits for this concentration by taking either 2.5 years of Greek (Beginning and Intermediate with a semester of Greek exegesis) and 1 year of Hebrew (Beginning), or 2.5 years of Hebrew (Beginning and Intermediate with a semester of Hebrew exegesis) and 1 year of Greek (Beginning).

Additional one credit elective courses not required for the concentration may be offered in Greek or Hebrew reading and exegesis. These courses may be repeated in subsequent semesters provided different material is covered.

Biblical Greek

  • GRK 101 Beginning Greek I
  • GRK 102 Beginning Greek II
  • GRK 205 Intermediate Greek I
  • GRK 206 Intermediate Greek II
  • GRK 3XX Greek Reading and Exegesis (1 credit)

Biblical Hebrew

  • HEB 101 Beginning Hebrew I
  • HEB 102 Beginning Hebrew II
  • HEB 201 Intermediate Hebrew I
  • HEB 202 Intermediate Hebrew II
  • HEB 3XX Hebrew Reading and Exegesis (1 credit)

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