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Learning Outcomes

Core Abilities of our Graduates:

  • Independent Life-Long Learner
  • Adept Communication Skills (Thinking, Writing, Listening, Speaking, and Digital-based Research and Communication)
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Team Player and Leader (Works Well in Diverse Groups)
  • Articulation of Faith and Vision of Vocation
  • Virtuous Habits of the Heart (Wisdom, Character, Christian Imagination, Being and Doing)
  • Global Christian
  • Effective Citizen

Student Learning Outcomes:

Providence is committed to assessment of student learning outcomes. The core competencies to be assessed for all Providence students are listed in the Student Learning Outcomes document.

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“My classes and professors really helped me develop a Christian perspective on teaching, something that transcends differences in cultures of classrooms and has given me a framework to try to adapt my teaching to Honduran students.”
Emily D.
Alumna - Class of 2014
“If I had children...I would have them study not only languages and history, but also singing and music together with the whole of mathematics...”
Martin Luther

Deeper Learning for Greater Wisdom